Stuck Door Rehab California

Screen Doors

We partnered with Active Window Products, a Southern California company established in 1952 dedicated to producing the finest quality screen doors! 

All products are durable, high quality, customized residential sliding and swinging screen doors. All doors are built to meet your specifications using heavy duty extruded aluminum frame in any of 6 color finishes with screening options to meet your particular needs.

Bronze Door 12
Black Door 17
Anodized Door 15
Anodized Door 9
Anodized Door 6
Adobe Door 21
Adobe Door 19
Adobe Door 10
Adobe Door 6
White Door 390
White Door 365
White Door 359
White Door 35
White Door 33
White Door 23
White Door 22
White Door 18
White Door 17
White Door 15
White Door 8
Tan Door 19
Bronze Door 31
Bronze Door 29
Bronze Door 14

Some samples of our quality screen products