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Hi! Thanks for stopping by Stuck Door Rehab. We Love Los Angeles and Orange County. We live here. We work here and focus just on The PV Peninsula.

My name is Robert, and I am the owner and webmaster for and a master at sliding glass door repair. I have been involved in hard to roll sliding glass door repair industry as an employee, business owner, distributor and webmaster for over 15 years.

Sliding Glass Door Patio
Beautiful open sliding glass door views

My family, team of door technicians and myself are passionate about the wonderful sliding glass door, and making them work better for everyone. These pieces of art in form and function are wonderful entryways, and great for any home to have, but there is a downside. Constant opening and closing, the coastal elements and wear and tear on Los Angeles and Orange County patio doors make it harder and harder to slide and function over time. It happens slowly, so we don’t notice it, until one day, as a family member is tugging on the door to open or close it, and the handle comes off, or the door jumps the track, or worse, someone gets a finger jammed. I’ve experienced all of these and more, and made it my mission in life, to shout it from the mountaintop, smooth gliding doors are available to everyone! You don’t have to buy new doors. Seriously! Regardless of what the guy at the home improvement place told you, or the door salesman who said your door needs to be replace! WE CAN FIX IT! For a fraction of the price of a new door, you can get your hard to roll sliding glass door rolling like new. These repairs usually run for a fraction of the cost of replacement doors, versus spending $1,600 or more, way more in some cases, for a newly installed patio sliding glass door. There is less than 1% of doors we have services that are beyond repair, and that is usually from vandalism or a break in. SAVE SOME MONEY!

While you’re at it, save the planet! My wife is very eco-conscious, and encourages those around her to stop waste, live sustainably and don’t buy things that aren’t needed. I’ve adopted that in our business as we strive to provide a service to homeowners to recycle good usable fixtures that still have life in them, rather than throwing away 400 pounds of glass, plastic and metal. It goes somewhere, you know. We do our best to use eco-friendly products for cleaning, and will do everything we can to revive and rehabilitate your hard to roll patio sliding glass door.

I hope you like the pictures of the beautiful sliding glass door and door sets that we showcase on the site here, but honestly, most homes don’t look that nice. I know mine never does. The track of my patio sliding glass door is constantly filled with dirt, moisture from the pool, loads of dog hair and who knows what else. A little maintenance goes a long way in keeping your door rolling smoothly.

Vacuum the track area once a week. If it gets really dirty, use some soapy water or Windex and clean the track out. If you need to lubricate the wheels, only use silicone spray. Don’t use WD-40, as it’s a petroleum product and only provides a short term ‘band-aid’ solution. After sliding better for a few days, it only attracts more dirt and grime.

For those of you like me, who like to tackle jobs yourself, you can relate to this picture. 🙂 I’m an expert at sliding glass doors, but any other job I perform requires a minimum of two trips to Home Depot or Lowes.

If you have comments or questions, please drop us an email. Thanks for your time and visiting us. We hope this site has positively contributed to fixing your sliding glass door problems. Have a great day.