Stuck Door Rehab California

David Pagan

Our sliding glass door is 8′ X 8′ double-pane, tempered glass, and it’s HEAVY. We had to use two hands and a good measure of body English just to get it to move at all. It sounded like there was gravel in the wheels and the handle was getting wiggly from the stress of yanking on it. The lock was persnickity and we needed to fiddle with it every time or it wouldn’t lock properly.
Jim and Josh arrived 10 minutes ahead of schedule. They worked cleanly and were very respectful of our home. First they took everything apart, inspected the handle, lock, wheels and track. They replaced the wheels and realigned both door panels (the stationary panel and the rolling panel), and scraped out debry from the track, vacuuming all along the way. They replaced the lock mechanism and the handle at our request. Those two items were extra expenses, above the standard service, but worth it. They could have just tightened up the old ones, but we went new instead. They had all the parts in their truck.
They cleaned up everything and finished the work in about an hour. And the door works with one finger, just as advertised. The lock works smoothly every time, without fiddling. A new door would have cost more than a thousand bucks. This service was a great alternative at a fraction of the cost. We highly recommend Stuck Door Rehab.